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Issue #4: Pedro Costa / Ben Rivers


Issue #4 explores the cinema of Portuguese filmmaker Pedro Costa and English filmmaker Ben Rivers.

160 pages of engaging, bold and surprising essays, fiction, poetry, interviews and visual art.

Featuring original contributions by and conversations with Pedro Costa, Ben Rivers, Leo Goldsmith & Michael Sicinski, José Pedro Cortes, John Crowley, Adrian Martin, Ellen van Neerven, Susana Moreira Marques, Marijn Degenaar & James Geoffrey Nunn, Max Nelson, A.L. Snijders (trs. Lydia Davis), Zander Sherman & John Zerzan, An Gee Chan, Lucas de Lima, Alice Robinson, Alena Lodkina, Moira Weigel, Samuel Rutter, Andrej Ujhazy, Madeleine Watts, Rebecca Foust, Jordan Cronk, Tara Judah, José Neves, Nick Modrzewski, Kes Scott Kennedy, Gareth Evans, Adam Rivett, Samuel Davison, John Karborn and Edward McAliece and more.

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